autumn leaves

Autumn leaves are so magical. Last night I went to a church ladies' activity where the main point was to bring a pumpkin treat and then eat them all. Can I get an amen! I was all set to make some pumpkin-spice mashmallows, but then I walked away from the stove at a critical moment and burned the sugar syrup. Good one.

We are staying inside today, mostly, nursing some sniffles and resting up with hopes of a nice weekend for garden-mulching. In between rocking babies and watching Wonder Pets, I'm catching up on some old National Geographics and making progress in Turn Right at Machu Picchu and Rough Stone Rolling (they're both really good) and ignoring the housework. Here's wishing you a crunchy-sidewalked, cozy-cidered, warm-footed sort of day.


hello tuesday: halloween + autumn links

Some things you should know:
* I did a quickie banner update for Halloween. Click over to have a little look-see.
* The cute spider is thanks to The Ink Nest, my new fave clip art source. So many cute drawings! I want every single one of her clip art sets, especially the jars.
* People tell me all the time that Max looks just like Maren. Lies, all lies. He looks like Lizzy! 
* This is Max's first camo. Hooah.
* I finished the first season of Once Upon a Time the other night and really liked it. Then last night I watched the first episode of the new season, and it pretty much lost me. A whole town's worth of people gets magically transported to our world, ok, I can handle that, but Emma and Mary-Margaret jumping back through a hat-spun wormhole because the grim reaper grabbed them by the ankles? Nope. Sorry Charlie. No can do. Besides, I'm getting sick of Charming boo-hooing all the time and having that single tear perpetually rolling down his cheek. WIPE IT OFF, BROTHER.
* The girls are going to be butterflies for Halloween. Their skirts are rad (pictures forthcoming). If I can manage it I really really really want Max to be Max.
* Lizzy's school doesn't allow costumes (yes, really) so I picked up some cute Halloween fabric for a couple of quick circle skirts. Seriously, try this tutorial, it will change your life.
* These pumpkin roll pancakes might be about to change my life. My sister made them, sans creamy stuff, last night & said they were awesome. I'm copying her tomorrow night.


autumn bunting

Maren and I did a little sewing this week while Max was sleeping. She is so good at sitting on my lap and patiently feeding the fabric into the machine. I never used to sew while the kids were awake, but having Lizzy at school makes things so much less crazy during the day. I swear that girl was made for kindergarten. Anyway. I had a bunch of autumn-y fabrics that I got from a friend of a friend years ago, and I love the way they add a dose of fall to the house. We picked up some mini pumpkins and corn from the farmer's market, laid down some burlap, added a black cat, et voila! Insta-autumn.