if you give the kids a camera

I finally splurged the $15 to get myself an extra memory card so that the girls can have (mostly) unlimited access to our older digital camera. They've been having a blast, and it is so much fun to see the world from their point of view. They take some pretty incredible pictures...all of these pictures are theirs (the neighbor kid took the last 2). And I'm glad they do, because I am soooo lazy about taking the camera out and about and also have this weird complex about looking geeky, whipping out my camera every 2 seconds. I need to get over it, though, because these moments are so fleeting and so precious...like them hanging upside-down on their favorite mini merry go-round at (very) high speeds.


may day

Flower crowns, fairy houses, maypole dances, and perfect weather. Score!
We used this tutorial for our flower crowns, only I didn't use any wire, just floral tape, and it worked just fine. One girl wanted lots of flowers, and one girl wanted only one. I may or may not have sort of snorted at the lots-of-flowers crown until I went to make my own, and then I couldn't stop myself. My crown ended up being the gaudiest of all. We watched this lovely video to show the girls a pretty maypole dance.

I love how fast spring happens here. You can see in the first picture that the branches were basically bare... today, just 2 days later, new leaves are exploding on every tree, all over town! I'm digging like a gopher in my backyard, trying to dig a few more beds for the garden so I can go to the nursery and get everything planted next week. I direct-sowed a few things last week... the arugula was first to pop up, and now the chard and beets are started to show their heads, too. Summer tastiness is on its way, peeps.