spring cleanup, day one

Today was our first real day in the garden. It was just a little cleanup -- clearing away some leaves, turning the compost, chatting with a neighbor -- but I am amazed at how much it invigorated my soul. I feel alive again in a way I didn't know I was missing. And so much is already growing -- rhubarb, garlic, chamomile, chives, lemon balm, catmint, and horehound -- the early spring troopers, so it would seem. The girls dug for worms for a while, then one scampered off to play with friends at the park while the other settled in for a nap in the sunshine. Now that's an after-garden activity I can get behind.


trail walk in april

We are knee-deep into this homeschooling thing. Wading in with so much hope, so much excitement about the future. 
The possibilities!

All my worries, all my excuses, all my what-ifs... God is pitching them out the window, wholesale.

So, to all the many (many) friends of mine who have ever told me some form of you would just love homeschooling! or someday you'll see or you really ought to read this article...

You were right as right could be.

So right.