in which he works and i take pictures

* It has snowed. A lot. 
* Our next-door neighbor has a snow blower. I love our next-door neighbor. And not just because of the snow blower.
* I have been avoiding said snow. I have a little baby, you know. He should stay inside. And he needs me to stay with him. 
* You've seen this mac & cheese recipe on Pinterest, right? Make it. Tonight. It makes an amazing side dish. Except, if your kids are like mine, don't call it mac and cheese, because this is clearly not mac and cheese, if you follow me.  
* Fairy gel? Two, please.
* The man and I saw The Hobbit on New Year's Day. We both liked the movie pretty well. I just re-read the book a few months ago, so although it was helpful to have the plot fresh in my mind, it also made me sort of irrationally upset when there were blatant (and, to me, unnecessary) inconsistencies. So if you are also the type to get irrationally upset about that kind of thing, be warned. Also, the best time for us to go just happened to be a 3D showing. It was our first time seeing a movie in 3D, and it was fun, though I'm not sure I would pick a 3D movie again. I thought the glasses were annoying.

* We're almost done remodeling the entry way. It's looking goooood. Home reno posts coming right up on that and on our new bathroom. I love it so much that I keep making up excuses to go hide in the loo.
* Okay, so maybe this blog is not going to be completely people-free. But I feel a little less worried about people stealing pictures of my husband's backside. In fact, I completely understand people stealing pictures of my husband's backside. 
* Thanks for all the support on that last post. 
* And thanks to an amazing Christmas present, I've been reading up on super-helpful posts like this one and serging the crap out of everything. What? It doesn't fit? I can serge that. I'll just give your socks a good serge while I'm at it. Don't the dish towels need to be serged, too? What a funny word. Serge. Seerrrrrrge.
* I want to make one of these monsters. Their mouths zip open! Rawwr.