gi jane day iv

I love me some GI Jane day (here's last time, in case you missed). This time we did an indoor firing range. It's like a really big video game. See my machine gun? See it? See it? Actually I kind of sucked.

We also got a little taste of vehicle rollover training. The guys stuck a bunch of protective gear on us, strapped us into this thingamaroo, rolled us around, and laughed at us. Hysterically. It was great fun.

Let's see me with a gun again.

My back hurts.

Photos via Facebook.


going on

My Dad sent me a little virtual nudge in the ribs the other day to make sure I was still alive. That I am, just not a lot going on...yet there's a ton going on...every moment seems hectic, yet sometimes at the end of the day I have to think really hard about what I've accomplished. Not being gloomy, just sayin it like it is. You with me?

So anyway, there was Halloween. This is the best picture we got, right before the church party, the quick sit on the couch, no, sit together, look at the camera would you, MAREN! look over here, quickly before Max starts crying, QUICKLYYYYYYYYYYY------

That same week there was also Wacky Wednesday at Lizzy's school, a measly attempt to make up for the fact that the kids aren't allowed to wear their costumes to school (whaaaa??). She was all about the four ponytails. This is her rock star pose, where she gives winks and thumbs-ups to an imaginary audience.

And the other big news (except wait, was there big news to begin with? hummm) is that we started the bathroom reno. And when I say we, I really mean Dan the contractor. We've turned out to be much less into DIY that we anticipated, and it is delicious to sit back and watch someone else do the work. We are knocking out a wall between the bathroom and the kitchen pantry to make the one bathroom in the house bigger than a space you can just barely turn around in. After Dan spent two whole 8-hour days demoing and explaining all the weird, freaky DIY jobs from homeowners past that he kept uncovering, I was even more glad that someone else who knows what they're doing is handling this one.

Besides a whole lot of nursing, diaper changing, and QUICK GET YOUR COAT ON, NO SERIOUSLY YOU HAVE TO PUT THAT DOWN RIGHT NOW AND RUN, THE BUS IS HERE-ing, I got to do GI Jane Day IV this week, which was awesome. Pictures of me with a machine gun tomorrow.