serious boy.

This boy has been in bed for two hours and editing these pictures just makes me want to go get him up and nibble his cheeks. He is growing up so fast. Still not crawling (he is 10 months), but trying oh so hard and getting oh so mad when he can't reach what he wants (which is e v e r y t h i n g).

I have been geeking out about:

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 4 -- there's still time to join in, but videos are due by June 10th. I've looked through the music but haven't gotten up the courage to sing to the computer in a room by myself. Isn't that funny?

Aquaponic Gardening. I have this book on order at the library and I am looking forward to having my mind melted.

Marion Cunningham's Custard-Filled Cornbread. Lizzy and I made some to go with our black bean chili tonight, and it. was. magical.

Aimee's house. I love her clean, uncluttered, vintage style. I also love bright/happy/clutter-ish vintage style, but when it comes to my own house and clutter, I can't deal. Clean surfaces are my happy place (thanks, Mom).

Classical education. It's our road, and I'm so happy/relieved to have finally settled. More on that to come.


arajane said...

oh my goodness, he looks just like his sisters. adorable! and that cornbread sounds divine. i must make it immediately.

Tom and Sherry said...

Gorgeous boy!